Sheboygan Athletic Club

Sheboygan Athletic Club Launches New Website

Posted: February 17, 2023

The Sheboygan Athletic Club (SAC) has launched a new website that will serve as the home for all SAC happenings outside of the Sheboygan A’s baseball team.

Previously, all SAC items were part of the A’s website. In a move meant to better brand the organization as a whole and create a new, clearer hierarchy, the Club has launched a separate logo, website, and Facebook page to better define the organization and its properties.

Information on the club’s monthly bingo, club meetings, board of directors meetings, and new initiatives for the club will all be posted on the new SAC website.

The Sheboygan A’s will continue to be under the umbrella of the Sheboygan Athletic Club. For all Sheboygan A’s specific items, visit