Sheboygan Athletic Club partners with Sheboygan Recreation Department

Sheboygan Athletic Club Announces Partnership with Community Recreation Department

Posted: March 6, 2023

In a joint announcement, the Sheboygan Athletic Club and Sheboygan Community Recreation Department will partner this summer to support youth baseball and softball.

This announcement comes from Scott Stangel, former President and former Execetuvite Director of the Sheboygan Athletic Club, and John Koehler, Director of the Sheboygan Recreation Department.

“In part, the mission of the Sheboygan Athletic Club is to-challenge and develop youth through Sheboygan A’s baseball. To meet this important mission, the board of directors of Sheboygan Athletic Club has decided it needs to begin fulfilling this segment of its mission. This partnership with the Recreation Department is just the first step,” Stangel said.

The Recreation Department annually serves over 600 boys and girls by offering baseball and softball among many other programs. The baseball and softball programs are open to all kids in 4k through 8th grade.

Stangel added, “The rec program, with its over 600 participants, offers the club an opportunity to not only meet its mission but to enhance baseball for the community. Through the Sheboygan A’s, the kids participating in this program will have an opportunity to meet A’s players and coaches through their participation in baseball clinics or attending games.”   

The Athletic Club recently launched a new website,, and a corresponding Facebook page. In addition to being the driving force behind the Sheboygan A’s, the Athletic Club sponsors Bingo, a 5K, a golf outing, a hall of fame, youth clinics, and more community events.

Stangel went on to say, “For 60 years, the club and the A’s team have been interchangeable. Many people probably didn’t even know the club is the driving force behind the A’s. Although they are connected, the Sheboygan Athletic Club’s community awareness will grow through its investment in youth”.